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Antalya was founded in 159 BC by Attalos the II, He gave his best scouts command to find him the paradise on earth, The town was named Attaleia after him.
It was founded on the most fertile geography of Anatolia. Here cross the ancient civilizations Pamphylia, Pisidia and Lycia. In his history of Antalya was the center of culture, art, architecture, and mythology.

Today  Antalya is with his dark blue sea, the magnificent Taurus Mountains, the sparkling.Waterfalls, the trees joyful colors, the award winning marina tourism center of the world famous hotels. Every year millions of tourists are coming to see the magnificent beauty of Antalya.
The cleanliness and the harmony of green and blue, the beaches of Antalya has the distinction of having the blue flag.Furthermore all these natural beauties Belek with its golf courses is on the way to become Europe's largest golf center. Other reasons that make Antalya the center of tourism are the climate, the high quality of hotels Standards and the growing  Football tourism. At the football fields in the regions in Belek, Kundu, Manavgat and Kemer Antalya receives over 1000 national and International rights football clubs annually. Also find conferences and exhibitions of well-known companies from around the world instead. In addition, chamfering is one of the famous Venues Turkey and Europe, which successfully organized national and internatonal events.In Kaleici, which is a lovely area with its traditional architecture, narrow streets and old wooden houses in the historic city walls lean. Built in the second century tower Hıdırlık, the mosque with its minarets and the unfinished Hadrianus Gate, built in the year 130 in honor of Emperor Hadrian, can still be seen today with all its glory.

The Archaeological Museum, will be exhibited in the works from the Paleolithic period to the era of the Ottomans, gives a glimpse into about the rich history of the area.

The structure of Kemer was designed according to its nature and history, it is an ideal holiday destination. The well-equipped marina of Kemer offers sailors highest service quality. Surrounded by forests Villages were designed in harmony with nature and the environment. The three ancient harbors of Phaselis are 15 km south of Kemer, at the foot of Tahtalı. This place was once an important.Commercial center. The quiet bays of  Phaselis create the perfect atmosphere for a break. The ruins of aqueducts, the agora, the public baths, the theater, the Hadrianus Gate and the Acropolis point to the rich history of the city.

The shaded by oleander and laurel shrubs Olympos Valley can be reached both by land and by sea. The Gebetstor, theater, public baths and the agora were from the old-time, transfer the ramparts and the tower from the Middle Ages to the present. Yanartaş situated at an altitude of 300 meters on the cliffs of Cirali beach, north of Olympos. Bellerophon, a hero of Greek mythology, fought here on his flying horse Pagasos with the monster Chimera and killed him. West of Finike Olympus is the bay, surrounded by orange and lemon trees and plantations. Finike is surrounded to the east with sandy beaches and rocky coves to the west. Also among the attractions are the city walls, tombs and the Roman Theater.Demre, about 25 km west of Finike located and formerly called Myra, is known for its well-preserved theater, and looking down on the theater tombs. St. Nicholas (Santa Claus) was a spiritual representative in this Mediterranean city during the fourth century. Saint Nicholas is still all over the world a symbol of charity and surprised at the Nicholas Eve, the children with gifts. Andrake (Dalyanagzi), the ancient port of Myra, is located in the west of the castle and offers a beautiful beach for sunbathing and swimming. Along the north shore of the island of Kekova you can Duden waterfallenjoy the beach villas of the ancient city of Apollonia from the 4th century BC. which is in the form of a sunken city partly under water. The Kaleköy (Simena) castle is a place which one of the best view of the sailing yachts in these clear waters, numerous coves and islands. If you go from Kekova from further west you get to Kaş district, which is surrounded on three sides by mountains. From the ancient city of Antiphellos today only the rock grave painter, grave monuments and the theater are left.

Paragliding awakens in recent years more and more interested in what is on offer in Antalya, Kas and other places by professional paragliding Dern.
AspandosMost of the archaeological finds of the city of Perge, which was an important city of ancient Pamphylia region, dating from the time of the Roman Empire. The exhibited in the Antalya Museum sculptor works show that there was an advanced workshop in Perge. With the exhibited statues from Perge, Antalya Museum has one of the largest collections statue of the Roman era.

Antalya by nıghtFurthermore, it is also a side of the most famous ancient sites in Turkey and Antalya. Side is today a beautiful village by the sea and awakens by its ancient ruins, sandy beaches, shopping centers and modern accommodations, the interest of the tourists. The ancient theater of Side, standing on pillars built on a vaulted ceiling, is the largest in the area. Among the other ancient remains are the Agora, the Temple of Apollo, the Fountain and the Necropolis. The broad Roman bath, which is now a museum, has one of the finest archaeological collections in Turkey.

One of the most famous and interesting caves in Turkey is the cave Altinbesik. The interesting rock formations, as well as travertines and streams give the area a special aspect.

The city of Alanya is an important holiday center with its wide beaches, tourist facilities and historical Kekovaworks. Visitors will first welcomes the great castle from the time of the Seljuk Turks from the 13th century, which rises like a crown on the Alanya peninsula. The well-preserved double walls of the castle are surrounded by 150 towers.
Besides the impressive castle you should have see the unique wharf and the monumental octagonal tower Kızıl Kule (Red Tower). Alanya is a superb holiday center with its modern hotels, motels, numerous fish restaurants, cafes and bars. The ports are surrounded by cafes and bars, as well as boutiques and department stores, which are sold in the evenings along the harbor road handicrafts, leather goods, clothing, jewelry, handbags and local, stocked with various colors of watermelons.

With its centuries-old historical braid, its natural beauty, the charm of the Mediterranean and its developing tourism Antalya is well on its way to be the Pearl of the Mediterranean.

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