The good news for foreigners owning real estate in Turkey!

The Turkish government has taken another step to attract foreign investments in the country. Earlier in our news has been reported that the prepared changes to the Turkish Law on simplification of visa regime for foreigners - the owners of real estate in Turkey.
April 11, 2013 in the Official Gazette, the Law "On Foreigners and International Protection" under the number 6458 number. It says that when buying real estate by foreign nationals they are given the right to stay in Turkey for a period of 1 year. And so it goes: while real estate is owned by a foreigner, he has the right to extend this period each year, without having to travel outside of Turkey.
Recall that prior to the ratification of this law, foreigners - property owners - could the country is only 3 months on a tourist visa. To extend this visa is needed to enter their own country, there to apply to the Turkish Embassy in their country and wait there is sometimes the result of 2-3 months, which was quite difficult for home owners.
With the introduction of the new law, the Turkish Government is expecting further increase in the flow of foreign investment in real estate in Turkey and to bring them to a volume of 10 billion dollars a year.


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