In Antalya build your own Disneyland

A few days ago from the deputy head of the company «Galeri Kristal», a subsidiary of the hotel chain «Crystal», Tuncay Kiliti received information about the construction in Antalya large amusement park.

Kilit confirms sale by owner of the chic Turkish hotel «Mardan Palace» Telman Ismailov half of the golf courses in Kundu (70 ha) network «Crystal». Moreover, hotel magnate is going to contribute to the development and implementation of a new project as an investor.

Provided by the deputy director of «Galeri Kristal» information in the creation of large-scale amusement park involve the world's leading experts: "To date, we have already signed a contract with leading US companies in the entertainment field« Forrec ». We are planning the implementation of a really exclusive and ambitious project. Construction of the park will consist of three stages. Initial investment represented by the sum of 400 million. Dollars. At the moment, negotiations with representatives of Disneyland, at the conclusion of the contract which will have its own in Antalya Turkish equivalent of the American fleet. Opening of a new theme park planned by 2017. Through this contribution to alternative tourism, we expect to attract to Antalya even more tourists from all over the world "


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